Ableton Producer's Playground

The Producer’s Playground is a massive resource & community for aspiring producers & DJ’s who use Ableton Live as their program of choice. Beat Procrastination, Learn Song Construction, Finish Songs


Inside The Playground

“I took the challenge only 3 days ago but I managed to finish a track. It was my fastest production ever and I must say that it was an incredible sound design journey for me which I enjoyed very very much.” Zdenek Neuman

“I recommend it for everyone. The Template works great. I tweaked it to my taste. But It saves HUGE amount of time… I am glad I am part of this. I’ll help you to get even more young producers to join our circle. Also I wish you never stop inspiring us.” Deividas Jaroška

“Hey Jason. I think you’ve helped me create a monster. 5 months ago I could not finish a track. It’s really quite amazing. You really give back to the community in general You are appreciated!” Will Sabine

“Hey Mr. Jason Ward… dude, you are so incredible and so humble. The talent and time that you are giving us is mind blowing and unmatched anywhere on the internet. Thanks so much, and I am honored to be able to learn from you.” Science Camp

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